Location: Sarajevo, BiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date Posted: 12-29-2017
CT technologies - CFO
Izvršni direktor za finansije i računovodstvo (#7905361)
("cfo" OR "chief financial officer" OR "director" OR "chief finance officer" OR "finance director" OR "owner" OR "ceo" OR "head" OR "finance manager" OR "financial controller" OR "coo" OR "financial director" OR "head of finance" OR "director of finance") AND ("accounting & finance" OR "A&F" OR "accounting and finance" OR "account" OR "accounts" OR "accounting practitioner" OR "public accountant" OR "accountant" OR "CA" OR "chartered accountant" OR "certified public accountant" OR "CPA" OR "ACCA" OR "Chartered Certified accountant" OR "CMA" OR "Account executive" OR "account manager" OR "account coordinator" OR "key account executive" OR "sales executive" OR "account relationship manager" OR "account planners" OR "account planning" OR "account handler" OR "financial institution" OR "financial records") AND ("accounant" OR "accountant" OR "Accounts" OR "account" OR "auditing" OR "investment banking" OR "balance sheet analysis" OR "audited financial statements" OR "fundamental analysis" OR "account" OR "accountant" OR "accounts" OR "accountancy") AND ("business strategy" OR "strategic management" OR "strategic planning" OR "strategy" OR "strategic thinking" OR "corporate strategy" OR "marketing strategy") AND ("business analysis" OR "business analyst" OR "ba" OR "project manager" OR "marketing strategist" OR "strategy" OR "BI") AND ("business intelligence" OR "bi" OR "data analysis" OR "analysis" OR "crm" OR "business analytics" OR "business analysis" OR "acquisition" OR "raw data" OR "data surfacing" OR "unstructured data" OR "reporting" OR "reports" OR "online analytical processing" OR "analytics" OR "data mining" OR "complex event processing" OR "business performance management" OR "benchmarking" OR "text mining" OR "predictive analytics" OR "prescriptive analytics" OR "decision making" OR "business decisions" OR "product positioning" OR "product pricing") AND ("financial planning & analysis" OR "fp&a" OR "finance planner" OR "finance management" OR "finance strategy" OR "budget" OR "business plan" OR "financial plan") AND ("corporate finance" OR "corporate financier" OR "capital structure" OR "mergers" OR "m&a" OR "shareholder" OR "shareholders" OR "managerial finance" OR "working capital management" OR "investment banking" OR "financial accounting") AND ("banking & finanace" OR "banking" OR "finance" OR "financial" OR "bank" OR "banks" OR "fintech" OR "fin tech") AND ("sarajevo")
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